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A Splash Of Green And Gold

Introduce matcha and bird's nest into your celebration this Chinese New Year with Oh Cha Matcha and Lo Hong Ka's collaborative gift set (RM168). Each set comes with an eco-friendly print judo bag, with matcha pineapple tarts, four flavoured matcha drinks with concentrated bird's nest, and branded red packets.

Photo: Oh Cha Matcha x Lo Hong Ka

The tarts themselves are unique, I can't say that I've ever had pineapple tarts quite like these before. The typical buttery pastry you get with pineapple tarts is replaced by a slightly bitter and earthy flavour profile which juxtaposes the sweet-sour jam filling. Great for matchaheads.

The drinks themselves are interesting, created with nothing artificial and available in flavours such as pineapple with matcha, mandarin orange with matcha, red dates and goji berries with matcha, and chrysanthemum with matcha. My personal favourite was the pineapple with matcha, a refreshing tart, slightly bitter combo that works to my surprise, followed by the floral chrysanthemum variant.

Photo: Oh Cha Matcha x Lo Hong Ka

“Being able to collaborate with such a tradition and passion-fueled company like Lo Hong Ka is truly an honour. Their philosophy 'prevention is better than cure' is very much in line with ours where we take control of our health now, in order to live our best life longer," says co-founder of Oh Cha Matcha Choong Kar Heng.

Gift sets are limited and available now for purchase, at Oh Cha Matcha's cafes in TTDI and KLCC as well as Lo Hong Ka stores at One Utama, Mid Valley, and Sri Petaling. Alternatively, you can also order them online via,, and Grabmart.

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