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United We Drink

Bar-United, the interactive virtual bar and entertainment platform, is rallying support for our local bars with its latest efforts. Inspired by the traditional pub crawl concept, Bar Hop enables drinks to discover bars they may not have heard of or had the chance to visit pre-pandemic in a virtual setting. It's as easy as signing up, picking your poison, and waiting for the delivery.

Starting the festivities is the first of four themes – Lokal Hop – which enlists seven participants bars to celebrate local flavours in potion form. Joining the experience is Frank's Bar, The Cabinet, Concubine, Jann, Bar Tailor, Dissolved Solids, and Three X Co. These bars will also be offering their own promotions and signature food offerings in combo deals as part of the Lokal Hop experience.

All seven cocktails in the first Lokal Hop theme

The currently virtual-only platform has plans to evolve into a hybrid model once lockdown restrictions begin to loosen up and dine-ins are allowed again, with the goal to eventually let drinkers have a choice to either enjoy Bar Hop at home or physically enjoying a pre-ordered tipple at participating bars.

Under the Lokal Hop theme, which starts from now until August 23rd, the seven cocktails highlighted are:

(1) Mango Spicy by Jann – Olmeca tequila, mango juice, chilli and ginger.

Promotion: complimentary salmon spring rolls with a minimum spending of RM98.

(2) Le Petit Prince by Three X Co – Martell Noblige, Earl grey tea, cassis, apple juice and fizz.

Promotion: purchase two or more cocktails for a 10% discount.

(3) Jacky Joseph by The Cabinet – Jameson Irish whiskey original, aromatised wine and jackfruit lotus tea cordial.

Promotion: purchase two or more cocktails for a 10% discount on pairing items

(4) Blood And Sand by Dissolved Solids – Glenlivet The Original, blood orange, red vermouth and cherry.

Promotion: Get a complimentary garnish pack with a minimum purchase of three cocktails

(5) Whisky Buzz by Frank’s Bar – Chivas 12 whisky, honey kombucha and a touch of salt.

Promotion: complimentary truffle fries with a minimum purchase of four canned cocktails

(6) Yuzu Spritz by Concubine – Beefeater Gin, yuzu, lemon, kaffir lime leaf and soda.

Promotion: complimentary Korean-style wings with a minimum purchase of three cocktails

(7) My Fantacy by Bar Tailor – Absolut vodka, plantation pineapple rum, passion fruit purée, wild mint syrup, lime juice and mint leaf.

Promotion: complimentary cheesy wedges or sweet potatoes with a minimum purchase of three cocktails

Tying this experience up is the Bar Hop Passport, a card given to drinkers after signing up to have a chance to win lucky draw prizes and limited merchandise if they complete a minimum of four promotion purchases within a particular theme.

For more information, visit or check out their Instagram page.

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