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Our National Pastime

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Merdeka is right around the corner and restaurants are gearing up with special offers to let us do what we do best. Eat, dine, feast!

The good folks at Botanica+Co sent over a little gift package to inform me of their upcoming dining promos. Thank you!

Homemade togarashi mix, which I intend to use for my next yakitori dine-out, as well as vanilla and red chilli oil for salads, pizzas and the like, came tucked away in a handy pouch. The real star of the lot, however, was the hibiscus flower dessert.

Hibiscus flower

Bo+Co's Merdeka theme this year pays tribute to our national flower – bunga raya (hibiscus rosa-sinesis) – which represents the unity of our multicultural nation. The dessert, a pretty, pink dome crowned with an instantly recognisable confectionary, features the humble hibiscus in three forms – a curd, glaze and macaron. Chocolate sponge and cake soil add textural and flavour variety.

The pastry's gentler flavours unmistakably stem from the hibiscus, which brings raspberry-like acidic nuances into the mix for balance. Chocolate, on the other hand, rounds out the lighter flavours with a crunch and a pow. The dessert itself has the texture of mousse and goes great with a cup of matcha or a latte to draw out its rich, creamy notes.

Photos: Botanica+Co

Four Times The Charm

Wholeheartedly embracing the hibiscus' symbol of multiculturalism, the restaurant is promoting four family-style sets.

There's the Taste of the Kampong (RM198 nett), The Maharajah’s Vegetarian (RM168 nett), Bo+Co Chopsuey Indulgence (RM268 nett), and The Brilliant Botanica Roast (RM298 nett), effectively representing all major ethnic groups in Malaysia. The fourth one is more Bo+Co than anything.

Available for dine-in or takeaway, each set serves four and includes a carafe of house-infused rose pomegranate lemonade and dessert of the day. The hibiscus flower dessert and family-style feasts are available now until September 30th to celebrate Independence Day and Malaysia Day.

Photo: Botanica+Co

To celebrate our love of food, which let's face it is itself a patriotic act, Bo+Co will also be giving away three special bunga raya-themed afternoon tea experiences in a lucky draw.

Each experience will allow the winner to bring along five friends and will include a live demo on how to make the hibiscus flower dessert, followed by a light afternoon tea with cakes and coffee/tea.

To enter, every purchase any family set and/or hibiscus flower, or every RM100 in a single receipt, will give you a ticket for this draw. The draw itself will take place on Merdeka Day, Malaysia Day, and the final day of this promo.

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