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JungleBird Starts A New Roost

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Boy, oh, boy.

Photo: JungleBird

KL's Rumah Rum has found a new nest just a short walk down from its original perch. A new home also brings a fresh makeover that combines the previous location's cosiness with bright sun-lit spaces. More impressive is that the founders themselves conceptualised, designed, and constructed the new premises for the most part. Kudos!

Also new is the bar's cocktail philosophy. "The new cocktail offering focuses on important rum producing nations around the world. We have taken well-known classics along with some slightly more obscure, lesser-known recipes and reworked them in our own, JungleBird way. Considering the new design and look of the space, the new menu promises to offer sleek, modern serves using contemporary techniques whilst maintaining the iconic flavour profiles our guests would expect from the likes of a Pina Colada or a Ti' Punch. Ask for a Brazilian Quentao or a Haitian Cremas; we'll happily introduce you to what it is!" says Joshua Ivanovic, one of the founders.

Photo: JungleBird

Food now claims equal attention of the spotlight at JungleBird 2.0. "I grew up in a culture where food is a language of love. To cook for your loved ones and see how they (hopefully) enjoy eating what you put on the table brings me joy. So to finally have a platform and a full kitchen for me to get my hands sticky was a bit of a dream come true. Excuse the pun," says Lolita Goh, another founder.

In line with its identity, JungleBird's fare includes culinary influences from Britannia, Malaysia, and the rum producing nations. Hungry drinkers can find curried crab dumplings from Tobago served alongside a Cubano sandwich (pictured below) or albondigas guisados from the Dominican Republic. Fans of the bar's kunyit fried chicken can also take ease knowing the signature dish is still on the menu.

Photo: JungleBird

The new JungleBird will be open for 9:30am to 9:30pm daily (in accordance to the latest government regulations) and is located on Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara. The bar also does delivers on Lets Umai.


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