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38 Year Old Liquid Gold

If you're looking for an exceptional whisky to celebrate a special occasion (like when the world returns to normal) or to gift, The Singleton's 2021 rare, limited edition release may just be up your alley.

A few months back, The Singleton of Glen Old released only 51 bottles of The Singleton 38 Year Old (49.6% ABV) in the Malaysian market. This coveted creation stemmed from the distillery's Master of Malts Maureen Robinson's age of experimentation. "The Singleton 38 Year Old was crafted during an era that was very exciting at The Singleton – a time of flavour experimentation and innovation across our whisky-making. Selecting new American oak casks was very new for us at that time at the distillery, and we decided on a lengthy secondary maturation to continue to unlock the decadent layers of flavour in this single malt," she said.

Photo: The Singleton

Robinson discovered a 12 year old single malt with colossal potential, sought to unlock its potential even further and worked together with her team to add a lengthy 26 year second maturation (the longest in The Singleton's history). They then rehoused the cask strength whisky drawn from a selected eight casks in several ex-Bourbon, Pedro Ximenez Oloroso-seasoned and brand new American Oak casks. This unique combination of small-batch casks was specifically chosen to create a perfect harmony of desirable flavours Robinson discovered.

"I remember tasting cask samples just three years into the secondary maturation and I was struck how even at such an early stage, we could identify the richness of flavour the new casks had presented. To mature those casks for more than two decades further was an exploration of how it is possible to unearth exceptional flavour within whisky, and it's a real privilege to now share this truly delicious single malt with the world," Robinson says.

Photo: The Singleton

Here's a breakdown of the whisky's signature notes, according to The Singleton:

Appearance: Rich, deep amber with copper lights. Outstanding beading and good viscosity.

Body: Full-bodied

Aroma: Top notes are rich, fruity and sweet, with aromas of red apple, mango, pineapple and candied citrus fruits. These fruity tones are succeeded by almond oil and vanilla pod, and later vanilla fudge on a base of sandalwood.

Palate: At natural strength, a thick, creamy texture and a vibrant, sweet start in which rich opening notes of fudge lead smoothly into a lightly spicy, intense and fruity taste suggesting cinnamon-spiced baked apple, drying gently into a peppery autumnal warmth that envelopes the palate.

Finish: Long with a sweet warmth and hints of gingery spice.

Keeping this liquid gold safe is a beautifully designed bottle and presentation case with a design centred on the flavours of ripe red apples, warm autumnal spices and creamy caramel discovered after the secondary maturation. An abstract apple with 26 lines representing the additional 26 years the whisky underwent is proudly depicted via a bold linear graphic sandblasted directly into the glass.

For those interested to purchase this rare single malt Scotch whisky, contact Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia at

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