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Hide At Home

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

The words "Hide At Home" has two meanings to me. The first alludes to Hide KL's recently launched takeaway and delivery menu. The second refers to the act of physically keeping oneself out of sight and out of contact with others. How very apt.

In my inaugural experience at Hide, I had high praise to sing about the restaurant's contemporary cuisine. It was a refreshing romp into global cuisine as told by a talented Malaysian team.

It fills me with joy to know that Hide has recently selected several dishes and inspired classics to give you a memorable home dining experience. Their takeaway and delivery menu is available Tuesdays to Sundays from 12pm to 10pm (last order at 8pm), with complimentary delivery within a 15km radius for orders RM500 and above.

After I broke the wine glasses out of the cupboard and promptly filled them up, it was on to the first portion of the meal – snacks. A simple yet effective citrus salad (RM25+) made of mesclun, citrus, and lemon vinaigrette helped ease the palate into the next appetiser. Hide's eggplant fritters (RM28+) were a satisfying mix of crunch and almost creamy eggplant, working in tandem with a bold beurre noisette (brown butter) aioli that proved rather addictive.

Perfect with a lager

Hide At Home's highly focused menu only lists three mains – strozzapreti pesto as a vegetarian pasta option, confit silver hill duck leg and a roasted Moroccan spiced chicken. I tried everything except the chicken. While I'm usually not a fan of pesto, Hide's strozzapreti pesto (RM45+) struck an excellent balance between the herbal and earthy flavours used. Served with pine nuts (that weirdly taste like candy), green beans and pesto, it's a versatile dish that can either serve as a main or superb cold pasta salad the day after.

The duck leg (RM52+), on the other hand, arrived with its skin still crisp and crunchy. A ginger chilli glaze coated the exterior, giving it a slightly spicy and surprisingly citrusy tang. Served with a sweet potato purée and roasted root vegetables, this went swimmingly with my glass of Malbec.

The highly-focused takeaway and delivery menu also feature a "charcoal-grilled" section with three items available:

  1. A 250g Sher wagyu striploin (RM235+) served with potato foam, green beans amandine and jus

  2. A whole market fish (RM175+), weighing in at around 500-600g for two, with mesclun and a garden herb sauce

  3. A 550g whole live Boston lobster and grits (RM350+) served with gruyere and polenta

There's also the addition to add shaved summer truffles (15g) to either the wagyu or the lobster if you're feeling it.

I opted for the lobster and enjoyed every morsel. Granted, it is a pricey piece of shellfish, but the team did a great job imbuing all that wonderful smokiness to the lobster with their skills on the grill, which is something that I noticed in the restaurant during my dinner there. That chargrilled lemon wedge was a nice touch, and a side of polenta and garlic bread helped to contrast the dish's salty flavours with that of the earth.

For dessert, a petite and elegant chocolate mousse cake (RM38+) patiently waited in the fridge. Made with a mix of berries, sponge and hazelnut streusel, it was a lovely bookend to a meal that I could never dream of whipping at home.

For those looking to food to introduce a brief respite from this crazy rollercoaster called life, Hide is currently offering a solid takeaway and delivery menu to fulfil just that need.

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